JICS   2011 Vol. 8 (13) : 2517- 2525
Title: Adaptive Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Tracking Controller For a Class of Nonlinear MIMO System
Authors: Wenda Zheng, Gang Liu, Weiqiang Deng, Tao Liu
Abstract: The traditional type-1 fuzzy logic controller (FLC) using precise type-1 fuzzy sets cannot fully handle uncertainties of the physical systems. A type-2 FLC using type-2 fuzzy sets can handle such uncertainties to produce a better performance. In this paper, we present a novel adaptive sliding mode control architecture for a class of nonlinear MIMO systems, which is based on interval type-2 fuzzy neural networks (FNN) to implement the basic behaviors. The overall adaptive control scheme guarantees the global stability of the resulting closed-loop system in the sense that all signals involved are uniformly bounded. The resulting adaptive interval type-2 fuzzy tracking control system shows it reduces both the tracking error and the control effort and it is more flexible in the design process.
Keywords: Adaptive Control; Interval type-2 Fuzzy Control; Sliding Mode Control; MIMO System